Fresh out of the oven: our new cookie calendar!

Joining Rosebud's collection of handmade paper goods is our new 2014 cookie calendar! Each page features a specially selected cookie that was made from scratch and painted by hand. What better way to spend the year than with a fresh, homemade cookie each month?

It's hard to pick a favorite month...they all look good enough to eat!


2014 is around the corner!

Yes, we know we're just barely into fall, but we couldn't wait any longer to share Rosebud's new 2014 calendar! This handmade beauty features an assortment of 12 hand-painted flowers and plants. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming in the new year:

Printed on Crane's card stock and joined together by rustic twine, these calendars are perfect for hanging over your desk or in your home for a daily dose of hand-painted joy.


Short and sweet

Sharing a handful of cute prints—some sweet, others snarky—from Marc Johns, who says "I generally aim to say as much as possible with as few elements as possible." The whole brevity thing seems to be working for him. 


Prints via Marc Johns


I just stumbled across a new (well, new to me) phenomenon called Sleevefacing. It's pretty self explanatory: people striking a pose using the faces on record sleeves. This guy knows how to do it:

There's even an app for that. Anthology Magazine has collected a bunch too—enjoy!



Too cute to eat

How amazing are these cookies from Japan-based pastry shop Henteco? You've got to browse through the sweets on their site if you're in need of a smile.
Look at the dog with the bone! And the coconut hedgehog...and the chipmunk holding the almond...I can't pick a favorite.


Save the date—2013!

There's still plenty of time until the new year, but Rosebud's 2013 Calendar is here, featuring a hand-painted flower or plant on each month. Here's a peak at what blooms are in store for you:

Joined together by rustic twice, the calendar can be hung over your desk, around the house, or as wall decor! If you want to display multiple paintings at once, the individual pages can be hung on a bulletin board by push pins.

You can check it out or place your order on the Rosebud website.


Mail art

I came across an article on mail art (new to me!) while reading Martha Stewart Living. Did you know you could mail non-enveloped items through the U.S. Post Office just by attaching the appropriate postage? The author of this article has mailed stamped rocks, a small doll with a stamp glued to its skirt, a child's mitten, a vinyl record with a letter penned in white ink, even a toy unicorn with the address and stamps tied to its tail.

According to the author: 

"Even as the allure of e-mail weakened letter writing the world over, mail art has remained untouched for me. It requires no words, only sentiment. It would not work virtually; to be fully realized, it has to touch not only its addressee but also numerous strangers along the way, postal workers required not to disregard it as junk... The post office is, as far as I know, obligated to deliver anything innocuous and properly stamped to its destination..."

I had to do a little research to find out how true this is and found a site with more information, including the story of a molar tooth mailed in clear plastic box that was delivered with an additional note added by a postal worker:
 "A handwritten note in a woman's writing read, 'Please be advised that human remains may not be transported through the mail, but we assumed this to be of sentimental value, and made an exception in your case.' We owe a debt of gratitude to these civil servants. Without them, we would have but little success in pushing the envelope."


Making a mess

I just came across this fun series called "Monday Mess" on La La Lovely. It features the living and work spaces of different bloggers who are brave enough to show that they're not always as perfect as the gorgeous photos they share. I love this little peek into others' real lives! It's great to be reminded that a little mess can be a good thing, although I haven't seen any Hoarders-style messes featured yet. Still waiting for someone to show the bottom of their closet or under their bed...

Here are some of my favorite messes:

The best part of the series is the final photo from each mess: a handwritten message that sums up the blogger's view on priorities, perfection and "stuff." The messages essentially come down to: don't sweat the clutter or the small stuff. (Don't you love the message on the post-it note? "Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.")

all images via La La Lovely


Look out, lobsters...

I'm gearing up for a week in Maine, and visions of New England are dancing in my head.

Can't wait for cool weather, long walks and good food! Photos to come.

1. Maine Love map print (poppyandpinecone on Etsy)
2. via The Little Corner tumblr
3. This article says that an abundance of soft-shell lobsters has lead to much lower prices this summer...lobster is now cheaper per pound than bologna! Alexandra's Kitchen knows what I'm talking about!


My Pinterest success story: kind of a big deal

It's a big day today! I finally took on a recipe I found on Pinterest. Here's the pin that got me off the computer and into the kitchen:

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls! It wasn't until I read the caption that I realized these were raw and vegan. Those are definitely new terms when it comes to my cookie repertoire, but I wasn't going to let that slow me down. I checked out the blog where this recipe came from: Averie Cooks, and this Averie girl is great! She's all about recipes that are 1. easy 2. not too time-involved 3. use one appliance 4. have a simple and short ingredient list and 5. are tasty!

You think raw vegan cookie dough can't be tasty? Avery says recipes like this "must be excellent....if it's a raw approximation of something else, it's gotta taste like the something else it's trying to be, otherwise why bother?" In the words of Ina Garten: "How bad could that be?" Here's my batch in the black container below:

The ingredient list was short and simple indeed:
2/3 cup raw cashews
1/3 cup oats
2 tbsp agave
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup chocolate chips
All you do is combine the ingredients in a food processor, roll them into tiny balls and refrigerate them until they have the consistency of cookie dough. Averie recommends storing the extras in a tub in the freezer...extras? Not in my kitchen. 

I'm excited that my first attempt at a Pinterest project was a success. We've all seen the cautionary Pinterest fails, but this recipe will give the confidence you need to conquer those beautiful recipes you've been pinning. Enjoy!


Handwritten/painted: Fourth of July edition

Just in time to celebrate America's birthday: hand-painted ice cream cones! Courtesy of a beautiful blog: mmm. Great name, don't you think?

I love that the cones are all red, white and blue. And while this happens to be a French illustrator, I think it's a nice way to honor the U. S. of A. (Not only did French-born architect Pierre Charles L'Enfant design the layout for the streets of Washington, D.C. but the French also gave us the Statue of Liberty!)

I had to include this illustration from the same blog—these ladies are ready for the beach! And how about that spotted beach towel? Or is it a giant piece of watermelon?

Whatever you're up to this week, enjoy the holiday!



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